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Current City: Ferndale, MI
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Dover Towing Services
(Terry Haveland)

Ferndale, MI 48220 (map)
Phone: (248) 556-3606


Category: Automotive > RVs, Campers & Motor Homes > RVs & Camper Sales & Service

Dover Towing Services - Company Background (Update or Edit Listing)

Dover Towing Services is a business categorized under Services, Not Elsewhere Classified, which is part of the larger category Services, Not Elsewhere Classified. Dover Towing Services is located in Ferndale, MI which is in the county of Humboldt. The Company also does business under the following other names: Terry Haveland. For more information about revenue and employment data for Dover Towing Services, please scroll down.

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Company Contacts

Terry Haveland

Company Details

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SIC Code8999
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# of Employees
Annual Revenue
ContactTerry Haveland owner

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